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On CPU Load Covert Channels

July 14, 2016
CPU load covert channels have been studied in academic literature for quite some time; I introduce a variant allowing a "drive-by" attack triggered solely by visiting a malicious website.

And you expected the Liberals to be transparent?

April 14, 2016
The federal Liberals in Canada are caught in quite an interesting situation as they scramble to explain obvious differences between their statements and the truth with respect to the contraversial Saudi arms deal.

Thank You, Apple

February 19, 2016
On February 16, 2016, a federal judge ordered that Apple sign a binary update to a suspected killer's iPhone 5C in order to bypass the security feature that imposes a limitation on the number of guesses of a passcode in a particular amount of time.

On Java Build Systems

January 17, 2016
Java isn't known for being a language without boilerplate. It doesn't try to be Python. But build systems are way too complex, way too verbose, even by Java standards.